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Power-to-Sustainable Aviation Fuel, technical challenges and opportunities to build a UK supply chain

In this webinar recording from January 2023, experts in different parts of the supply chain share their interest and knowledge around the potential for SAF via PtL. The online masterclass may also help viewers to identify potential partners who share an interest in this area.


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Sustainable Aviation key facts and infographics

Includes: 1) Sustainable Fuels UK Road-Map infographic, 2) UK Aviation Industry Socio-Economic Report infographic and 3) Key Facts on Aviation CO₂ Emissions

Sustainable Aviation

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SkyNRG’s Sustainable Aviation Fuel Market Outlook May 2023

This 2023 report covers the current state and trends of the SAF market in the EU, the UK and the U.S. by assessing announcements of SAF projects and modelling out SAF capacity until 2050. It presents the latest policy developments, including a provisional deal reached on ReFuelEU between the European Parliament and Council just recently, the advancements of the UK mandate discussions and the implementation of tax credits in the United States.


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ASTM D4054 Clearinghouse Guide

This document provides candidates of alternative fuel producers with procedures for engaging with the D4054 Clearinghouse to conduct evaluations of their prospective alternative fuels in accordance with ASTM D4054 “Standard Practice for Qualification and Approval of New Aviation Turbine Fuels and Fuel Additives.” The D4054 standard practice provides a framework for the qualification of new fuels and additives for use in commercial aviation gas turbine engines.

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SAF - Research & Development Priorities to Support a UK Sustainable Aviation Fuel Industry

A brief 9-page overview of research & development priorities to support the UK's SAF industry. Includes feedstock & sustainability, processes & economics, infrastructure and technical specification.

The Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN)

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